'Doodle Town' activity book by Dominika Lipniewska

DOODLE TOWN is my second activity book published with Tate Publishing. The book invites children to discover how, with a pencil and an idea, they can transform the world around them.  

'Here’s something that could keep your family busy the whole summer. Set in the whimsical, Paul Klee-meets-Cartoon Network metropolis of Doodle Town, this is the rare doodle book that seems likely to make everyone feel right at home, even kids who typically don’t gravitate to drawing. Lipniewska achieves the neat trick of providing just enough scaffolding to get young doodlers started, while keeping everything abstract and primitive-looking enough to be unintimidating. (Her people have square heads — yours can too!) Users are invited to transform the town and its residents by adding houses, playground swings, new hairstyles and jazzed-up outfits. Stencils in the shapes of clouds, flowers and raindrops (included in the book) can be used to help the process along. Another nice aspect: The book’s large format means that two can sit side by side and work on the same spread without bumping elbows. After all, drawing doesn’t have to be such a solitary activity.'

Catherine Hong

The New York Times